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The small town of Clifton remains a charming testimony to days gone by. The sleepy town of Clifton is slow to change and retains much of the towns original century old character. This is a town of white picket fences, flowers on main street and antique lanterns. The town features a small number of boutiques a general store and a florist.

The town is served by the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Kindergarten through grade 6 students attends Union Mill Elementary School and middle and high school students attend either Liberty Middle School and Centerville High School or Robinson Secondary School. The student to teacher ratio is 14 to 1, less than the state average. FCPS continually earn the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence. The schools are rated very high by parents and educational professionals. The There is one private schools in the Clifton area offering an alternative to public school education. Families with school age children interested in Clifton VA homes will find a variety of public school education opportunities.

Clifton homes for sale include single and multi-family homes, condominiums and townhouses. The price range for available homes varies from affordable to expensive. Available homes for sale in Clifton are a mixture of new construction, existing homes and homes that have been renovated extensively. Available Clifton properties include undeveloped property suitable for new home construction.

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The Clifton area was originally hunting grounds for the regions native Americans. In the mid-1700’s merchants created a port settlement and in the early 1800’s settlers began building homes and commercial enterprises. The Village of Clifton saw the construction of a train depot in 1868 and land adjacent to the railroad was subdivide and offered for sale as house lots. In 1869, a post office was opened at the train depot and the Clifton Hotel was constructed. In the late 1960’s, housing began a period of refurbishment. In 1980, an ordinance was enacted to provide for five acre zoning. That meant each single family home could only be built on a five acre parcel. Residential properties were built in southern Clifton while northern Clifton was given to equestrian areas.

Parks and Recreation

Residents will find recreational opportunities in Clifton and the surrounding Fairfax County. Home buyers searching for Clifton VA real estate will appreciate the parks and amenities to full their recreational needs. Families will find parks with sports fields, picnic areas, and walking and bicycle trails. There is also an off leash dog park, teen, senior and community centers, campgrounds, ice arena and swimming facilities.

Clifton Parks

Attractions and Activities

It is important to check out things to do in Clifton and the surrounding area when searching for Clifton real estate. Things to do includes Farmers Markets, skiing, movies, hiking and biking and a variety of fruit festivals.

Clifton Popular Attractions and Activities


Residents will find a variety of events in Clifton and the surrounding area. One of the most popular is Clifton Day Festival. The family festival is held annually to help raise funds for a variety of non-profit organizations. There are activities for children, teens, adults and seniors. Other events include holiday celebrations and parades, food festivals and live music.
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